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Claire Walker – Confinement

Confinement   i) (Daughter) She wonders how birds sound on the other side of the forest; if they open their beaks and sing independence to the air, the sweet notes bouncing leaf to leaf; if their mothers let them fly in any direction they choose.   ii) (Mother)  She wonders what becomes of the birds, Read More

Charley Barnes – ‘Eggshells’

Eggshells   I find them around the house, hidden in corners and scattered along the carpets, the floors.   When I step on them I grind my foot against the chippings; I consider this a fair warning.   You wait until I have passed before dropping more emptied shells: by my desk; in front of Read More

S.A. Leavesley – “From the other side”

From the other side He snaps her with his eyes, framed by the train window as she leans towards his blown kiss, but doesn’t catch it. Out of sight, the bow at the nape of her neck where he left his unvoiced wish. Behind glittering glass, the rose curve of her lips shaping words he’ll Read More