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George Gibson – “Michael Longley’s Blues”

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Joan I Frondigoun MBE MA – ‘Lest We Forget’

LEST WE FORGET Lovers lost to bombs, tanks, cannon fire and guns Earth covering the wounds where bitter hearts’ blood runs Salt whitened bodies hurled from broken ships ‘The Missing’ whispered tenderly on families’ lips Whose hopeless words bring no relief or peace Except in dreamless sleep or death they cease. Forgotten now, the fractured Read More

Diana Devlin – “Absorption”

Absorption You rumble through the blue of me, a dense dark cloud, turn hope to fear, with just a glance. You think nothing of trampling daisies, crushing spiders underfoot. Your loving’s all having, all showy blooms, no leaves or roots. When you kiss me it’s with your blue eyes open, though they’re the only parts Read More

Irene Cunningham – “Secret Gardens”

SECRET GARDENS Movement in time blurs the speed of light; my eyes can’t keep up with the past. I’ll stand ever the hero, fly into battle grab leaves and grain here, mushrooms there. Hear the music, solid as oak trees, like rented witchcraft spelling out reality, settling old stories in new plans, underpinning foundations. Grate Read More