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Pauline Kirk – “Memento Mori”

Memento Mori The saints had their reminders: skulls on shelves, bones on bedside tables. We have our tests and scans, appointments ringed in diaries, updates from frightened friends. We would rather live in the Now, but we too need our memento mori, to see more clearly: how elderflower brightens a building site, cow parsley whitens Read More

Graham High – “Five Sea Haiku”

FIVE SEA HAIKU shared intimacy – along a windswept beach a bigger ocean countless sea-worn stones and not one a perfect sphere eternal seascape – an old man wants to tell us how it used to be storm-warning siren – through the booming waves our whistling kettle distant waves breaking – late into the night Read More

Anne Stewart – “When I come back”

When I come back   I want to be soft and tawny brown with a soot black voice in scurrying discourse with the earth.   I want the whole earth to myself; my soft self, the flowers and bees, the worms, the world a meadow.   I want no shattered joy from leavings. No nevermores Read More

Maggie Sawkins – “A Cage Went in Search of a Bird”

A Cage Went in Search of a Bird Kafka What use is a cage that’s become afraid   of its own trappings – its mirror, its bell, its swing?   What use is an opening that doesn’t stay open?   What use is a perch that doesn’t stay still?   No use thinking things will Read More

Sue Spiers – “The Weight of Glass”

The Weight of Glass     Glacial cylinder with its thumb-thick base, Its circumference weighted to balance a hand’s span, mazarine reflections of the fjord’s ice. The fire-pit spits out sparks of moonlight. My tongue courts the contents of the glass; A dalliance of lakkalikööri, a sting, a glow. glabrous swirling coats its inner skin; Read More

Nigel Kent – “Scrap”

Scrap Before the fights began she swore she’d rather lose her life than the ring that lies in pieces on the bench, cut from the finger it had crushed. She rubs the pinched band of flesh, now released, wondering when the pain will start to fade away Read More