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Gillian Dawson – “haiku”

morning ferry on a layer of mist the island floats free Read More

M.T Taylor – “Busker”

Busker In this brick-hard cold you wonder how he presses cheese-slice strings down sure, how his steel-tipped fingers pluck enchanted sound and gift it to strangers like you. From a safe distance, you drop spare cash hear its tuneless tinkle while, far behind, notes of grace and his sideways smile follow you. Read More

Neil Leadbeater – “Seeing Bede in the Port of Tyne”

  Seeing Bede in the Port of Tyne   “This stop is Bede….Please mind the gap”   Fame on the railways came late for you: another piece of irreverence from an ill-tutored age. Now you are part of a branch line travelling out from the walled city with frequent stops in between -a name announced Read More