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Julie Fairweather – Wasteland

The poem was inspired by journeying to a place where I once lived to see what became of it. It won the regional poem for North Yorkshire (where I currently reside) and was published by United Press in their National Poetry Anthology 2012. The place I once lived near the farm was in the village Read More

Shani Robinson – “Autumn”

Autumn arrives, Cashmere whisper, On tendrils of mist, Winding their way, Around summer’s dying days.   Burnished trees, Of gold and bronze, Halcyon hush, Nature in repose, Waiting, anticipating, The boreal bite, Of winter. Read More

Claire Louise Hunt – “200 Baker Street”

200 Baker Street Wallets, smart phones, London city guides of varying size, a doll with one eye and a sinister smile. Keys, a Rolex watch, a letter, unaddressed, unsealed, apologising for the pain, the hurt, the lies, the tears; all the lost things come here. A wedding dress, 144 copies of Gone Girl, a prosthetic Read More

Diane Norris – “To Sleep Perchance”

To sleep, perchance Tonight insomnious, time hangs heavy, sleep loiters somewhere beyond her weariness a dark cloak she cannot shrug off. A poem hangs half formed, words elude her, thoughts, pregnant with meaning, kick round in her head. It is words that are keeping her awake. Finally sleep seeps over her and when she wakes Read More

nick pemberton – “the transparency of shadows”

  the transparency of shadows   they say that they said   that round the fires in this shanty people have heard I have ripped up all written records of the where and when and now must rest trust in all too fallible memory   but I have also heard said that the souls of Read More

Mick Yates – “long meg and her daughters”

long meg and her daughters   what enchantment is this? what secret sorcery? what magic and mystery is abroad in the air this evening around the ancient stone circle this summer solstice in cumbria? the standing stones lean forward as if they have a secret to tell to anyone who cares to listen it is Read More