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Anne McMaster – Autumn Manuscript

Autumn Manuscript Minims and crotchets of hungry black crows on shorn autumn fields. Rewarding the music of the season as they rise and swoop and fall. Read More

Trish Bennett – “Weather Forecast for PMS.”

Weather Forecast for PMS.   Starts off calm, some sunshine  at times, but changeable — expect jolts of thunder. Prone to outbursts, resulting  in localised flooding later.       Note: Previously Published in New Original Writing: Poetry Day Ireland Quintains, Lagan Online, April 2018. Read More

Yvonne Boyle – “The Jacaranda Tree”

The Jacaranda Tree The purple blue of         the jacaranda tree. Street violet         I’d not seen before. If there are trees         of such unimaginable hue then balance         is possible stillness a beginning… Yvonne Boyle Read More

Karen Mooney – “Restless Mind”

Restless Mind   What I wouldn’t give For just a penny’s worth Of understanding at 4 am To settle a restless mind   I roll into that dip in the bed Hoping that you’ll be there Sniff the remaining scent On the shirt, you left behind   Fading; as scars of departure With freshly cut Read More

Ellie Rose McKee – “Tired Bones”

Sleep in the flesh, woven into the blood, following it upstream then down to slumber.   Malaise in the mind –– fractured thoughts unhooked from their sparking off point.   Restless limbs and aching lips. The longing to be held like a sick child; to be carried to bed like a lover.   To wake Read More

Gaynor Kane – “The Flying Princess”

In memory of Eugenie M. Shakhovskaya   She was the night, forgotten, erased by several feet of snow. She was the morning when frost feathers glinted on glazed surfaces. She was the storm that razed the Tsar’s house to the ground. She was the laughter that lingered on the KGB men’s lips all morning. She Read More