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SM Jenkin Apples from Ashes

I am cold without you, my love. The kind of cold that curls Ice-water through my veins, until those frozen rivers burst. Shatter. Tear me open. I am waiting for the fire in your eyes. You melted me into a spring. We can burn it all away. Start again, with ashes. Plant apples to nourish, Read More

Spreken – “Walkabout”

Do not make me go home.   Home is where the heart is, but that heart is too heavy to hold. Full of worries, weighed down with must-do and should-have and so much what-if, draped in thick expectation and all-powerful upheld reputation.   Home is where the cares are, though I care not for them. Read More

Carol Rosalind Smith – “The Turning Tide”

The Turning Tide   Relishing the sunlight caressing your skin,  the heat soaking down to your bones, try  wriggling yourself a groove in the pebbles    and shells worn smooth by endless buffeting.  Let sea spray lightly kiss your lips, sea salt  scrunch your hair, then close your eyes matching    your breathing to the Read More