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Mytna Reader – “The Isle of Oxney”

The Isle of Oxney The fields are golden now on Romney Marsh and where the sky and land meet, walkers on a distant hill stop, turn as one and listen to a lapwing’s song and see the last brave flash of poppies in the new ripe field. How good to be in this fair country Read More

Jane Lovell – “Vixen”

Vixen   and there through this Japanese ghost garden this monochrome dreamscape slips a half-dreamt wraith   born from the last shades of dusk she is tip tip toeing on footfall so soft it uncurls snails dizzies galaxies in dew   her vagabond heart beats with the tremors of the earth balances on owl call Read More

Lizzie Ballagher – “Amethystles”

Amethystles   Spiked with silver needles, thistles stab the August skies, puncture with purple the very fabric of summer’s fading blue.   Through them, fearless among white-felted leaves, goldfinches flash & dart lightning: gold-black-scarlet.   Lighter than air, birds hesitate on cumulus clouds of billowing thistledown,   burble, summon others so to swing, light feed Read More

Susan Jane Sims – “Conversation”

Conversation (for Mum) And what do you do with all your days? I float and scream, float and scream. Are you frightened then? No, freedom’s all the highs I’ve never had. And are there flowers there? Yes, all my favourite kinds. I like the yellow roses best. No thorns. I hold them in my arms Read More

Jenna Plewes – “The Milky Way”

The Milky Way The ash of a zillion worlds drifts overhead watchers brush loose threads of fire from their eyes thoughts blunder like moths trapped in the listening place we lie on the ground, hear the hum of the turning world. Read More