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Julie Fairweather – Wasteland

The poem was inspired by journeying to a place where I once lived to see what became of it. It won the regional poem for North Yorkshire (where I currently reside) and was published by United Press in their National Poetry Anthology 2012. The place I once lived near the farm was in the village Read More

Andy Allan – “Cultural Vandalism”

Cultural Vandalism In dwindling numbers, indigenous voices whisper their pain. Sidelined in a multi-ethnic society, dispersed in this world of noisy babble, their words muffled, their story disappearing, fading in the turning years. The western world claims richness in diversity while drowning unique voices in a universal soup of sameness. Our ancient cultures melt away, Read More

Claire Walker – Confinement

Confinement   i) (Daughter) She wonders how birds sound on the other side of the forest; if they open their beaks and sing independence to the air, the sweet notes bouncing leaf to leaf; if their mothers let them fly in any direction they choose.   ii) (Mother)  She wonders what becomes of the birds, Read More

SM Jenkin Apples from Ashes

I am cold without you, my love. The kind of cold that curls Ice-water through my veins, until those frozen rivers burst. Shatter. Tear me open. I am waiting for the fire in your eyes. You melted me into a spring. We can burn it all away. Start again, with ashes. Plant apples to nourish, Read More

Charley Barnes – ‘Eggshells’

Eggshells   I find them around the house, hidden in corners and scattered along the carpets, the floors.   When I step on them I grind my foot against the chippings; I consider this a fair warning.   You wait until I have passed before dropping more emptied shells: by my desk; in front of Read More

Pauline Kirk – “Memento Mori”

Memento Mori The saints had their reminders: skulls on shelves, bones on bedside tables. We have our tests and scans, appointments ringed in diaries, updates from frightened friends. We would rather live in the Now, but we too need our memento mori, to see more clearly: how elderflower brightens a building site, cow parsley whitens Read More

Ruth Gilchrist- “Shine”

One pale button on a cushion of dark the moon light on your sleeping face Read More

Anne McMaster – Autumn Manuscript

Autumn Manuscript Minims and crotchets of hungry black crows on shorn autumn fields. Rewarding the music of the season as they rise and swoop and fall. Read More

Roy Moller – Climb

Climb The waves approached like a tube train that wouldn’t pass through the station but kept grinding the power rail. Almost as many steps from the beach as the number you’d climb at Covent Garden if all three of the lifts were jammed or you wanted to challenge a hangover. Perhaps could fall from the Read More

David Hensley – “Northern Lights”

Northern Lights In Norway we stared from car roofs high on vodka and snus watching the sky-lights’ moves talking spaceship design and the importance of line. Over Denmark fluorescent curtains flicker above the port horizon icing-coloured kites splashing memories across the constellations and our minds’ eyes. Approaching England, southern city lights obscure the view of Read More

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