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Jenna Plewes – “The Milky Way”

The Milky Way The ash of a zillion worlds drifts overhead watchers brush loose threads of fire from their eyes thoughts blunder like moths trapped in the listening place we lie on the ground, hear the hum of the turning world. Read More

Anne Phillips – “Dinas Dinlle”

Read More

Matt Duggan – “Dieting Advice for Artemis”

   Dieting Advice for Artemis   After all the years of hunting boar barbecues in the forest Artemis is worried about her high blood pressure We suggest that she seek a dieting alternative maybe lay off the Atkins try out a week of veganism; She’s now traded in her horse for a treadmill on e-bay swapped Read More

Kate Garrett – “Grunge girl”

Grunge girl You know it isn’t the pictures that hurt. It’s remembering the sting of acceptance washing over you like far-flung west coast squalls: you wouldn’t be one of those girls, with the highlights in their hair, honeyed skin, faces lacquered with availability. You sprayed peroxide and lemon juice over your dark brown curls; brassy, Read More

Maggie Sawkins – “A Cage Went in Search of a Bird”

A Cage Went in Search of a Bird Kafka What use is a cage that’s become afraid   of its own trappings – its mirror, its bell, its swing?   What use is an opening that doesn’t stay open?   What use is a perch that doesn’t stay still?   No use thinking things will Read More

Sue Spiers – “The Weight of Glass”

The Weight of Glass     Glacial cylinder with its thumb-thick base, Its circumference weighted to balance a hand’s span, mazarine reflections of the fjord’s ice. The fire-pit spits out sparks of moonlight. My tongue courts the contents of the glass; A dalliance of lakkalikööri, a sting, a glow. glabrous swirling coats its inner skin; Read More

Sheila Jacob “In praise of city starlings”

  In praise of city starlings   Bloomin’ starlings, what a racket, Mum always grumbled if we were in town when you arrived,   heard you above car horns and screeching brakes but I loved you, freckle-feathered Brummie-birds.   Convoys of cheeky chatterers, slick-winged gliders on flight paths for bright lights and bare roof-tops.   Read More

Ellie Rose McKee – “Tired Bones”

Sleep in the flesh, woven into the blood, following it upstream then down to slumber.   Malaise in the mind –– fractured thoughts unhooked from their sparking off point.   Restless limbs and aching lips. The longing to be held like a sick child; to be carried to bed like a lover.   To wake Read More

Neil Leadbeater – “Seeing Bede in the Port of Tyne”

  Seeing Bede in the Port of Tyne   “This stop is Bede….Please mind the gap”   Fame on the railways came late for you: another piece of irreverence from an ill-tutored age. Now you are part of a branch line travelling out from the walled city with frequent stops in between -a name announced Read More

Phil Vernon – “Word was…”

Word was   there were several ways to reach beyond   you could fly over, scale, vault or tunnel beneath   or breach   or bring it down   or simply picture marshlands and willows   wandering their wide meander towards the distant sea   or walk with the wall to your left or right Read More

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