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Kathleen Bartholomew – “Coloured Rain”

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Elizabeth Grech – “Sea”

Baħar (in Maltese) Inbill is-swaba ta’ saqajja fik u int, tbaħbaħli ħsibijieti, tlaħlaħli dmijieti. Nixxaħxaħ fik u niled il-ġwienaħ f’dahri. Mare (in Italian) Immergo le dita dei piedi in te, e tu mi sciacqui i pensieri, mi risciacqui il sangue. Mi avvolgo in te e faccio nascere ali sulla schiena. Read More

John Priestley – “Dog Days”

Dog Days Read More

Karen Ankers – “Whisper”

Whisper     if my life is no more than a whisper that moves across this patient earth let me always be a smile she will remember   let her thoughts of me be an idle dream on the day I am forgotten by those who promised love they could not give who tested my Read More

Anne Stewart – “When I come back”

When I come back   I want to be soft and tawny brown with a soot black voice in scurrying discourse with the earth.   I want the whole earth to myself; my soft self, the flowers and bees, the worms, the world a meadow.   I want no shattered joy from leavings. No nevermores Read More

Claire Louise Hunt – “200 Baker Street”

200 Baker Street Wallets, smart phones, London city guides of varying size, a doll with one eye and a sinister smile. Keys, a Rolex watch, a letter, unaddressed, unsealed, apologising for the pain, the hurt, the lies, the tears; all the lost things come here. A wedding dress, 144 copies of Gone Girl, a prosthetic Read More

Lillian Garthwaite (Age 6) – “Travel Far and be Nice”

This is Lily’s poem. Travel far and be nice. Travel Far and be Nice The train on the train track choo choo boo boo Transportation has a lot of details in its own right Trains are black but not like a black cat Some are yellow bellow some are green to be seen Transport can Read More

Richard Archer – “Lightning Strike”

Your kiss was like a lightning bolt, knocking me off my feet blistering my lips stopping my heart in a millisecond. As I struggled to rise I began to smoulder then eagerly I braced myself for the thunder. Read More

Phil Santus – “Midnight Moon”

The midnight moon was clear and bright. The stars were glorious that night. It made me think with all my might. I wish that I could sleep at night.   Read More

Lizzie Ballagher – “Amethystles”

Amethystles   Spiked with silver needles, thistles stab the August skies, puncture with purple the very fabric of summer’s fading blue.   Through them, fearless among white-felted leaves, goldfinches flash & dart lightning: gold-black-scarlet.   Lighter than air, birds hesitate on cumulus clouds of billowing thistledown,   burble, summon others so to swing, light feed Read More

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