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Richard Foreman – Traversing Rainbows

Traversing Rainbows it’s a long long way to the end of the rainbow best keep your feet on the violets and indigos red through yellow sticks to your shoes like clay and it’s surprisingly heavy for light and of course you shouldn’t look down better to focus on those shimmering bands of radiance that ripple Read More

Tianna G. Hansen – “Be the Flame”

Be the Flame   Do not be the moth flocking toward destruction. Be the flame withstanding pain burning bright to fend off the darkness with your sheer light. Do not be the moth singeing your wings so you may no longer fly. Be the flame, impenetrable. Feed off the oxygen which makes you want to Read More

Roland Parker Swimming

Swimming I am learning to swim in eternity. I leave the fire, turn off the light, and shut the door. I feel my way down the path to the road. With one foot on the hard and the other in the mud, I find my way forward. A car headlight stuns and blinds reminding me Read More

Mytna Reader – “The Isle of Oxney”

The Isle of Oxney The fields are golden now on Romney Marsh and where the sky and land meet, walkers on a distant hill stop, turn as one and listen to a lapwing’s song and see the last brave flash of poppies in the new ripe field. How good to be in this fair country Read More

Graham High – “Five Sea Haiku”

FIVE SEA HAIKU shared intimacy – along a windswept beach a bigger ocean countless sea-worn stones and not one a perfect sphere eternal seascape – an old man wants to tell us how it used to be storm-warning siren – through the booming waves our whistling kettle distant waves breaking – late into the night Read More

Jane Lovell – “Vixen”

Vixen   and there through this Japanese ghost garden this monochrome dreamscape slips a half-dreamt wraith   born from the last shades of dusk she is tip tip toeing on footfall so soft it uncurls snails dizzies galaxies in dew   her vagabond heart beats with the tremors of the earth balances on owl call Read More

Shani Robinson – “Autumn”

Autumn arrives, Cashmere whisper, On tendrils of mist, Winding their way, Around summer’s dying days.   Burnished trees, Of gold and bronze, Halcyon hush, Nature in repose, Waiting, anticipating, The boreal bite, Of winter. Read More

Kemal Houghton – “Take These Sounds”

Take These Sounds   Take these sounds – the mumble of distant conversations with its interplay and rhythm – the chirrup and chatter of bird song with its imprint of ancient tunes –  a bee that flits from flower to pollen laden flower – add the drone of far off traffic, the passing plane, the Read More

Celeste Fine – “The Coma Patient”

The Coma Patient   The flowers died on a Monday. Though I thought their life vibrant on Sunday. They were given to me on Saturday. Though I didn’t see them till Tuesday. For I wasn’t there but here, Sleeping in the darkness.   ‘Cause the flowers were given to me on Saturday, And my mother Read More

George Gibson – “Michael Longley’s Blues”

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