Month: October 2018

Tianna G. Hansen – “Be the Flame”

Be the Flame   Do not be the moth flocking toward destruction. Be the flame withstanding pain burning bright to fend off the darkness with your sheer light. Do not be the moth singeing your wings so you may no longer fly. Be the flame, impenetrable. Feed off the oxygen which makes you want to Read More

Roland Parker Swimming

Swimming I am learning to swim in eternity. I leave the fire, turn off the light, and shut the door. I feel my way down the path to the road. With one foot on the hard and the other in the mud, I find my way forward. A car headlight stuns and blinds reminding me Read More

Mytna Reader – “The Isle of Oxney”

The Isle of Oxney The fields are golden now on Romney Marsh and where the sky and land meet, walkers on a distant hill stop, turn as one and listen to a lapwing’s song and see the last brave flash of poppies in the new ripe field. How good to be in this fair country Read More