Day: September 2, 2018

Lillian Garthwaite (Age 6) – “Travel Far and be Nice”

This is Lily’s poem. Travel far and be nice. Travel Far and be Nice The train on the train track choo choo boo boo Transportation has a lot of details in its own right Trains are black but not like a black cat Some are yellow bellow some are green to be seen Transport can Read More

Richard Archer – “Lightning Strike”

Your kiss was like a lightning bolt, knocking me off my feet blistering my lips stopping my heart in a millisecond. As I struggled to rise I began to smoulder then eagerly I braced myself for the thunder. Read More

Phil Santus – “Midnight Moon”

The midnight moon was clear and bright. The stars were glorious that night. It made me think with all my might. I wish that I could sleep at night.   Read More