Day: July 31, 2018

Susan Jane Sims – “Conversation”

Conversation (for Mum) And what do you do with all your days? I float and scream, float and scream. Are you frightened then? No, freedom’s all the highs I’ve never had. And are there flowers there? Yes, all my favourite kinds. I like the yellow roses best. No thorns. I hold them in my arms Read More

Karen Mooney – “Restless Mind”

Restless Mind   What I wouldn’t give For just a penny’s worth Of understanding at 4 am To settle a restless mind   I roll into that dip in the bed Hoping that you’ll be there Sniff the remaining scent On the shirt, you left behind   Fading; as scars of departure With freshly cut Read More

David Mark Williams – Reading The Book of Disquiet at 35,000 Feet

Reading The Book of Disquiet at 35,000 Feet   The traveller is the journey. What we see is not what we see but who we are. Fernando Pessoa     On this flight path there’s no time to claw back. The soul takes on the burden of the body, narrows to a dull ache. Pessoa Read More