Day: July 24, 2018

Sheila Jacob “In praise of city starlings”

  In praise of city starlings   Bloomin’ starlings, what a racket, Mum always grumbled if we were in town when you arrived,   heard you above car horns and screeching brakes but I loved you, freckle-feathered Brummie-birds.   Convoys of cheeky chatterers, slick-winged gliders on flight paths for bright lights and bare roof-tops.   Read More

Ellie Rose McKee – “Tired Bones”

Sleep in the flesh, woven into the blood, following it upstream then down to slumber.   Malaise in the mind –– fractured thoughts unhooked from their sparking off point.   Restless limbs and aching lips. The longing to be held like a sick child; to be carried to bed like a lover.   To wake Read More