Day: July 23, 2018

Neil Leadbeater – “Seeing Bede in the Port of Tyne”

  Seeing Bede in the Port of Tyne   “This stop is Bede….Please mind the gap”   Fame on the railways came late for you: another piece of irreverence from an ill-tutored age. Now you are part of a branch line travelling out from the walled city with frequent stops in between -a name announced Read More

Phil Vernon – “Word was…”

Word was   there were several ways to reach beyond   you could fly over, scale, vault or tunnel beneath   or breach   or bring it down   or simply picture marshlands and willows   wandering their wide meander towards the distant sea   or walk with the wall to your left or right Read More

Clare O’Brien – “Tourist Trap”

Tourist Trap                         by Clare O’Brien                                              This garden is not safe. Not a refuge for worn-out minds or feet.  We tell you there are acres to explore.  We lie. We say nothing of the depth.  Years have soaked into its soil with the rain. Look deeper and there is more than on the Read More

Diana Devlin – “Absorption”

Absorption You rumble through the blue of me, a dense dark cloud, turn hope to fear, with just a glance. You think nothing of trampling daisies, crushing spiders underfoot. Your loving’s all having, all showy blooms, no leaves or roots. When you kiss me it’s with your blue eyes open, though they’re the only parts Read More

Candyce Lange – “In the dream”

In the dream I painted the kitchen chalk boring white and in the dinky town where I lived, my sister lived near enough to give me advice. She said if I were planning to sledgehammer an arch between the kitchen and the dining room I should do it now while I was still young. My Read More

Vyv Nugent – “Dilemma”

Dilemma He remembered both girls now that he was alone, but he couldn’t decide upon which he would phone.   Gemma was gorgeous, she answered his prayers, she was sexy and slight and delightful in flares, he imagined them trapped on the rack of desire, and his heart pounded so fast he thought he’d expire, Read More

Eileen Carney Hulme – “The Downward Turn Of Leaves”

The Downward Turn Of Leaves   Sixteen leaves carefully counted their  weight makes her knees buckle, she is walking a folded path the sea somewhere behind, following like an old dog   Above her eyes a perfect moon playing hide and seek with evening clouds whispers of rain nudge at memories and the ghost of Read More