Day: July 19, 2018

Kay Channon – “Wingless Butterfly”

Wingless Butterfly   Time is thin the water glass a surprise eyewitness to my inactivity my paperwhite skin curls up in disgust disquieted by disconnection   Tonight, I will change my sight and ignite these blank pages they rustle their cloak white and stiff their dust hollow and distant   They continue to stare out Read More

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon – “Wild Settling [Hadrian’s Wall]”

Wild Settling Blades of grass trampled to submission as Roman Legions mass Corpse road widened as chilled warriors gamely strode River bank mud-clarted by tired boots that stank Higher land tent pegs penetrate through clay and sand Hearts need homes soldiers crafted ploughs from swords and sowed the loam Read More