Day: July 18, 2018

Irene Cunningham – “Indirect Requests”

INDIRECT REQUESTS When the dead bring themselves to walk with you, and your glance is a pendulum, it’s hard to move forward without a sailor’s gait. You know there’s an ocean beneath your feet that the swell could drown out words, breath, but you want that company to dance again, reach to catch up with Read More

Denni Turp – “Polyphony”

Polyphony   Despite the light behind it, despite the transparency of life, there is no way to witness quite so clearly the pulse of being, no way to sound the beat of heart, the breathe of wave, the pace of sunrise, sunset, the roll around of seasons,                 Read More

Lynn Woollacott – “Judy’s Reflection”

 Judy’s Reflection   Judy plucks, plucks, plucks her top lip. She creams, creams, creams her face with lotions and potions. She knows agony over and over from gazing in the mirror. She knows all about being stitched up. She knows the shock horror expression of an audience. She knows the difference between those that can Read More

Melissa Fu – “invitation to the monsoon”

invitation to the monsoon arrive at the dip in the day everywhere, a lull unfold differently – heedless, hushed assume a hidden dimension between salt and waves listen long: the sea bluffs shingle of shells, poker chip pebbles bring cinnamon tea and the chords of no moon at all Read More

Nigel Kent – “Scrap”

Scrap Before the fights began she swore she’d rather lose her life than the ring that lies in pieces on the bench, cut from the finger it had crushed. She rubs the pinched band of flesh, now released, wondering when the pain will start to fade away Read More