Day: July 17, 2018

Sarah J Bryson – “Grandpa’s Story: Tea in the Army”

Grandpa’s story: Tea in the army Grandpa said that he had ended up, he didn’t know how in the army as a cook, though he had no cooking experience. He soon learned. So he taught me how to make a stew ‘forces style’ and how to cut carrots into the required regimented shapes. And he Read More


OPEN FOR BUSINESS Summer is now officially open for business! Potted plants lined up outside the local bazaar, An embarrassment of dazzling colour on special offer The British male adopts a raffish bohemian air Donning his Jesus sandals with white socks Local girls fall out of noisy bars and skimpy outfits little left to the Read More

Diana Devlin – “An Emperor Penguin in Summer”

An Emperor Penguin in Summer   The Emperor’s wardrobe is expanding, he spouts new retro designs. The crowds go wild with wonder at his literary lines. Old words, new ears, expletives to allay our fears: he isn’t past it yet – just resting. Read More

Irene Cunningham – “Secret Gardens”

SECRET GARDENS Movement in time blurs the speed of light; my eyes can’t keep up with the past. I’ll stand ever the hero, fly into battle grab leaves and grain here, mushrooms there. Hear the music, solid as oak trees, like rented witchcraft spelling out reality, settling old stories in new plans, underpinning foundations. Grate Read More

Gaynor Kane – “The Flying Princess”

In memory of Eugenie M. Shakhovskaya   She was the night, forgotten, erased by several feet of snow. She was the morning when frost feathers glinted on glazed surfaces. She was the storm that razed the Tsar’s house to the ground. She was the laughter that lingered on the KGB men’s lips all morning. She Read More