Day: July 14, 2018

Callum A. Stewart – “Ptolemy”

I’d held you in the cup of my hands so scared I might crush you. So gentle, so tiny, soooo cute. Your piercing big eyes melted hearts of monsters, drawing oooos and ahhhhs. The times I thought I’d lost you, like when they had to operate, and you refused to eat paté. But here you Read More

S.A. Leavesley – “From the other side”

From the other side He snaps her with his eyes, framed by the train window as she leans towards his blown kiss, but doesn’t catch it. Out of sight, the bow at the nape of her neck where he left his unvoiced wish. Behind glittering glass, the rose curve of her lips shaping words he’ll Read More

Janis Clark – “Street Monkey, 1959”

A cold Saturday before Christmas, Fatly layered like a fragile parcel, I nudge closer to Mum, stealing her warmth as the 88 bus inches towards Oxford Circus.   Outside, grey expressions on grey faces. We link arms in cosy silence, a shield against the jostling crowds.   A man whose grinning voice I don’t understand, Read More